Professional Skills, the leading provider of business-enhancing information. Our list of products we represent are designed to educate and improve the lives of professionals on a daily basis.

Professional Skills is a marketing and information company representing more than 120 print and online publications, teleconferences and audio learning products for in health care, law and litigation and financial services.


Welcome to Professional Skills, the leading source of business-enhancing information.

Professional Skills represents more than 120 print and on-line publications, teleconferences and audio learning products in healthcare, law and litigation, financial services, education, travel, human services, sales and customer service, technology and the internet.

Professional Skills was founded in 1992. Some of the products we represent have editorial roots going back to 1947 with the founding of Medicine and Health, the oldest health policy newsletter in the country, which became part of the Professional Skills family in 2001.

In building our company, we have focused exclusively on providing high-quality news and analysis for professionals who need critical news and information to survive and prosper.

Our line of products distinguishes itself by providing intelligent strategic analysis, rather than simply reporting on industry developments. Key to maintaining this analytical focus is the advanced training and experience of our team. In hiring editors, we seek professional-level analysts with graduate degrees in law, public health, and the humanities.

We're so confident in the quality of our products and presentations that we back all of them with a 100% money-back guarantee.